I’ve heard that high nostrils are excessively hard to heal/live with. Are they worth attempting?

By charly, 24. August 2014

Yes high nostrils can be more challenging to pierce, and to heal, than standard nostril piercings. They are placed on a thicker part of the nostril and are more prone to swelling. I would just urge you to do some research and find a piercer with experience doing high nostrils first. A sound technique, proper placement and jewelry selection, and good aftercare practices can make high nostrils much easier to heal. 

A few red flags that should make you question if a piercer is proficient with high nostrils. 

  1. If they suggest any kind of standard or pre-bent nostril screw as the jewelry. High nostrils can be done with custom bent nostril screws but a nostril screw with a standard nostril bend will be too short for a high nostril and could possibly embed.
  2. If they have zero pictures of high nostrils they have performed. They’re not super common piercings. Any piercer who has done some, and done them moderately well, will have taken a picture of them. 

Ryan Ouellette, APP outreach


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