I’m getting an industrial soon and honestly, I’m worried about the pain. I’ve gotten three other piercings {standard, on the lobe} but this process is different. I also don’t trust the only place I can get it done from. Should I just hold off on it??

By charly, 15. Mai 2014

Yes absolutely hold off. Any pain or discomfort should be mild when performed correctly. The more important issue is that you should never get pierced by someone you don’t feel comfortable with or trust. It is your health and safety after all. 

Take some time and do a little research. I bet you can find a reputable piercer you could make a short trip to go and visit. Read out Choosing a Piercer brochure and it may help you find a piercer who can give you the industrial experience you really want. 

You can also check the APP member locator to see if there is someone you could commute to. 

Ryan Ouellette, APP outreach


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