I just got my navel pierced for my birthday, but I also recieved bath bombs that I would LOVE to use. How long should I wait for it to be safe and non-irritating to my piercing?

By charly, 20. Oktober 2015

Most piercers suggest you wait at least 3-4 weeks before submerging your piercing in any waters. 

With a bathtub that hasn’t been cleaned recently, it’s not the cleanest place for a fresh open wound. If it has been recently cleaned, there may still be chemical residue that could cause irritation. 

Wait it out for at least a few weeks to play it on the safe side. If you find yourself being tempted by those bath bombs, you’re more than welcome to send them to me for “safekeeping”. 

For more information on aftercare, you can go here

Cody Vaughn – APP Outreach Committee


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