I got my first piercings (one on each lobe), and I did not feel 100% comfortable with him. I am not sure what type of price should be expected for a quality piercer and good jewelry. I paid $20 per piercing. Should I be concerned about this?

By charly, 10. September 2014

If we’re talking piercing fee only, not so bad. If that price is piercing with jewelry included I might have some concerns with the overall quality. 

You do not need to pay a fortune to get pierced correctly, but I doubt an experienced professional could provide a piercing with an acceptable piece of jewelry for $ 20 total without some sort of sale or promotion. 

Expect to pay a piercing fee of anywhere from $ 20-$ 50, with an average somewhere around $ 35, for an experienced body piercer. Now since you got earlobes keep in mind that some piercers may offer a slightly lower piercing fee to provide an affordable alternative to mall gun piercing. 

Now on the jewelry side it will vary quite a bit with the style and material of the jewelry used. An inexpensive option like a steel captive bead ring may only cost $ 10-20. Internally threaded, or threadless posts will more likely start in the $ 20-30 range. And that is cost of basic jewelry alone. 

In the future you can spend some time researching qualities of a high end piercing service with the APP’s educational brochures. 



Ryan Ouellette, APP outreach


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