Hey there! Love your blog. I’m thinking of getting a cartilage piercing soon (my only other piercing than my lobes) and I’m looking for a good piercer in my area. I was wondering if there’s any way you could look at XXX’s portfolio (at XXX tattoo) and tell me if X seems reputable?

By charly, 19. Dezember 2014

Thank you for your kind words but portfolio reviews are not something we do with this blog. We are representing the Association of Professional Piercers. That means we are not answering as one person giving an opinion, we are answering for a group of hundreds of professionals and several manufacturers. 

We can not let our blog or voice be used to give potentially biased reviews of any piercer’s portfolio. We urge you to educate yourself on what goes into a quality piercing service. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the piercer have clear pictures showing well placed and healed piercings? Do they have pictures of what you are looking to have done? Does their work look good to you?
  • Does the jewelry in the pictures or promoted on the website seem like it is from a quality manufacturer? Is there any information on the quality of the jewelry or who made it?
  • Does the piercer have any kind of biography on the website? Preferably listing information about their experience level, education, or certifications.

You can also read the APP’s How to Choose a Piercer brochure for several more tips on what goes into finding the right professional piercer for you. 

Ryan Ouellette, APP outreach


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